The Artery Adapter for Smok Nord X Kit

Artery Adapter

The Artery Adapter is a device that connects an artery to a vein. Its shape is akin to that of a human artery. It has a slot for a line/catheter. The adapter is used to demonstrate insertion of an arterial or vein line. Here’s a closer look at the mechanism behind the device. In addition to the slot, the Artery Adapter can be used to connect two veins.

The 510 Adapter is compatible with most atomizers. Its design allows it to be a perfect match for your Artery Nugget GT Pod Mod Kit. This device features a 510 thread connection and has gold-plated contacts. The Artery 510 Adapter is sold in a single pack. The Artery 510 Adapter comes in simple packaging. It is also subject to factory packing.

When you install the Artery Adapter, you need to place an airbag inside the device. This airbag should be connected to a hose through a slot in the adapter. When this is done, you should press the airbag button to release the airbag. You may notice that the airbag doesn’t expand during this process, but the adapter itself will remain in shape. Similarly, you should not overextend the Airbag Adapter.

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