How to Vape With the Augvape RTA

Augvape RTA

The Augvape RTA is a built-in vaporizer that comes with a build deck and two airflow slots on the top. These slots funnel air through the coil and middle deck, sending vapor upward and out of the central shaft. The top airflow slots are adjustable, allowing you to set the right amount of airflow to your vaporizer needs. Aside from the airflow slots, the Augvape RTA also features a wide 510 connection.

The dual-coil Augvape RTA is a leakproof and stylish atomizer. Its top-fill and side-airflow systems make it a great choice for a variety of settings and is built to last. It also has a dual coil deck and dual airflow to produce delicious flavours. Its leak-proof design and detachable structure make it easy to clean, and the dual coil deck means that you can vape for longer periods of time before experiencing dryness.

If you’re new to rebuildable atomizers, you might be surprised to learn that Augvape has joined forces with well-known reviewer MikeVape. The Intake RTA, with its 24mm diameter, offers an interesting new take on the traditional tank atomizer. Featuring a unique design with a bulging bubble glass, the Augvape Intake RTA comes with plenty of tweaking options.

The Augvape Intake features a unique design that isolates the atomization chamber from the juice. Although it looks like a standard atomizer, the Augvape Intake has a graffiti-style logo etched into it. When removing the top cap, you’ll be able to access the fill port. To secure the top cap in place, half-turning it clockwise locks it into place.

The Augvape Intake MTL RTA comes with an easy-to-follow build deck. To install the coils, you’ll need a small screwdriver and a coil rod. The coil rod holds the coil in place while the leads are fastened. The coil leads are attached to the RTA by Phillips head screws. Make sure the leads fit under the screws and align over the center airflow hole. Once the coil leads are attached, tighten the screws.

The Alleria RTA is the first RTA from Augvape. It is made of stainless steel and pyrex glass. It has a 3.5ml capacity and is compatible with a wide range of mods. Its top fill port makes filling easy. It has a unique glass chimney that helps you regulate airflow. The build deck is also easy to build on, and the juice flow control is excellent.

Another new buildable tank atomizer is the Augvape Intake RTA. This top-airflow atomizer was created by Mike Vapes and Augvape to provide an easy-to-use rebuildable dripping atomizer. Its 24mm diameter and large build deck make it a breeze to build with. The bottom air holes are adjustable for airflow and juice flow and you can fill the tank to your desired amount.

The Dovpo Blotto RTA is another option. The Wotofo uses a dual coil design for maximum vapor production and a smaller, more compact size. The 3.5ml juice capacity gives you a wide range of options, and it comes with a 6mm atomizer tank. The dual coils also allow for easy wicking and have a large capacity. It also has a leak-prod top-fill system.

The Augvape RTA is one of the best looking and most popular tanks on the market. Its small size makes it easy to carry, and the two post holes are not the best placement for building. It also comes with two 810 drip tips and 510 adaptor. The bore is also relatively narrow, so the use of 510 drip tips won’t make much of a difference. Augvape is known for making quality gear.

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