Hellvape Dead Rabbit R Tank – Gunmetal Or Mesh Coils

dead rabbit r tank

When you’re in the market for a new vape tank, you might want to check out the Hellvape Dead Rabbit R Tank. This Sub-ohm tank comes in Gunmetal and Mesh coils. We’ll go over what each has to offer and which color is right for you. You’ll also learn how to set up your tank for optimal flavor and vapor production. But first, let’s talk about the tank’s Mesh coils.

Hellvape Dead Rabbit R Tank

The Dead Rabbit R Tank is a rebuildable tank that features a mesh material and a changeable drip tip. The tank comes with a 6.5ml capacity bubble glass and a complete bottom airflow adjustment. The tank is designed to provide superior flavor and comes with R coil accessories to create custom builds. The coils come in 5 pieces and are made of organic cotton strips. To use the Dead Rabbit R Tank, you can follow the simple directions below.

The top cap features a quarter turn bayonet system and a large gasket for a secure fit. The ports are generous and easy to access. When putting the top cap back on, it’s easy to line up the lugs on the tank with the top of the tank. Once inserted, a backwinding system locks the cap in place. This feature helps keep the tank airtight even if the top cap is not inserted properly.

Gunmetal color

The Dead Rabbit R Tank is the latest rebuildable atomizer from Hellvape. It is a tank atomiser aimed at the newest vapers, beginners, and confirmed vapers. The tank is built from 304 stainless steel with pyrex tank sections. It measures 25mm in diameter and 51mm tall. As a result, it offers a reasonable amount of vapour production. The coils are replaceable and are 0.2ohm. It also comes with 5 pieces of organic cotton strips. The design of the tank anticipates the operation of the user and is highly functional.

The Hellvape Dead Rabbit R Tank features a unique coil system. The coils wrap around the base of the tank and have a built-in bottom airflow adjustment. It also has a 5ml capacity and a 6.5ml bubble glass. This tank also has a condensed chamber for improved flavor. And, the tank is able to hold more than 5ml of e-liquid, so you can vape all day long. The R coil accessory is also included in the package. You can build up to 10 coils at once and can customize your tank according to your preferences.

Mesh coils

The Hellvape Dead Rabbit R Tank is an impressively versatile rebuildable vaporizer. Its vertical mesh coil build system, adjustable bottom airflow, and large capacity make it perfect for a variety of vaping styles. It’s an ideal choice for vapers stuck between traditional sub-ohm tanks and RTAs. In addition to its excellent performance, the Dead Rabbit R Tank is also available with organic cotton and a coil building tool.

The Mesh coil’s base features a sealing o-ring and an empty tank coil for regeneration. Its perimeter is decorated with Celtic patterns. The mesh coil’s locking ring reveals two AFC slots and two clamping screws, along with an insulating material between the positive and negative poles. It’s important to keep your coils clean and dry to maintain the best possible vaping experience.

Sub ohm vape

If you’re looking for a simple, yet effective sub-ohm mesh rebuildable vape tank, the Hellvape Dead Rabbit R is the perfect choice. The tank features a unique build method that makes rebuilding the coils easy, and includes organic cotton and a coil-building tool. Despite the tank’s simple design, the Dead Rabbit R offers great flavour and vapour production.

Unlike the traditional RTA, the Dead Rabbit R tank is a meshed rebuildable tank that features ten 0.2 ohm mesh coils. The tank has an adjustable bottom airflow that allows you to control the amount of e-liquid that’s emitted from the tank. This tank holds up to five ml of e-juice. It’s an excellent choice for beginners or those who want to try rebuildables.


The Hellvape Dead Rabbit R Tank is an innovative rebuildable mesh vape tank with a top fill design and bottom airflow control. It is a great choice for vapers who want to get started with rebuildables and don’t want to spend a fortune on pre-made tanks. The tank also comes with organic cotton and a coil-building tool, so you can build your own coils whenever you want.

The R Tank is incredibly easy to build. It takes only 15 seconds. Simply disassemble the tank, unscrew the Air Flow Ring, and screw off the coils. Then, you can install the custom cotton strips and 0.2ohm mesh coils. The resulting coils have a large amount of capacity, and the R Tank looks great. It even has a stylish build deck that simulates a stock coil.


The Hellvape Dead Rabbit R Tank features rebuildable mesh coils, a bottom airflow control system, and a top fill design. If you’ve been on the fence about sub-ohm tanks and RTAs, this tank is a great choice. The RTA-style build process saves a ton of money over traditional, pre-made coil designs. You can customize the flavor and strength of your vape juice in no time with the included coil building tool and organic cotton.

The Dead Rabbit R tank comes with a standard 510 connection, a five-ten style connect, and a bayonet-style fill cap. The tank’s bottom airflow ring is adjustable, and Dead Rabbit branding is placed around the waist of the tank section. The top cap section also features Celtic bands. The R Tank has an overall size that is reasonable, measuring 25mm in diameter and 51mm in height.

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