Dead Rabbit RDA

The Dead Rabbit RDA is a redesigned drip atomizer that offers great performance. It features four terminals, two positive and two negative. Each post is plated with gold, and the top is slanted for adjustable airflow. The RDA also features a 510 thread adapter and squonk pin. The build deck is fully elevated and features a wide range of colors.

dead rabbit rda

The Dead Rabbit RDA is an all-steel postless deck atomizer that measures 24mm. The drip tip is made of a squonking pin and the entire device is made out of stainless steel. It has quad airflow, knurled top cap, and a bottom airflow. The coil is mounted on a side rail and features a 510 threaded pin.

This RDA comes with a built-in airflow regulator and dual-slotted airflow. It has an elevated quad terminal deck and a top-side airflow. The Rabbit RDA’s build deck is 24mm in diameter and is topped with a knurled top cap for easy coil wrapping and mounting. The dual-slotted top-side airflow is great for increasing flavor and bringing a cooling system to the internal chamber.

The Dead Rabbit RDA has a unique top terminal four-post build deck that offers plenty of room to build. It also has a top side diagonal airflow system and a knurled top cap for control. Its built deck has a convenient knurled grip and a bottom feeding pin. It’s the perfect RDA for beginners and advanced vapers alike. If you’re in the market for an RDA, this is the one for you.

The Dead Rabbit RDA is one of the few vaporizers that goes beyond the hype. Its four-post build deck and dual-slot airflow feature are both highly customizable, and the dead rabbit rda is one of the few vaporizers with such extensive features. Its top-side vertical airflow can be adjusted for single-slot or dual-slot modes, depending on your needs.

The Dead Rabbit RDA is a fantastic vaporizer for beginner vapors. It offers ample space and ample airflow for building, ensuring the best possible experience. Its top-side diagonal airflow allows you to adjust the airflow and minimizes leakage. Unlike many other vaporizers, the Dead Rabbit RDA also has a gold-plated positive post that reduces the risk of leaking.

The Dead Rabbit RDA has gold-plated positive posts and features iconic engravings. Its dual-squonk feature and the 510 postless design make it a versatile rebuildable dripping atomizer. The wicking chamber allows you to choose the right liquid for the optimal flavor. A single-squonk coil can accommodate up to five ml of juice. The dual-squonk feature allows you to squonk.

The Dead Rabbit RDA is a versatile, well-designed, and affordable atomizer. It is designed by a Vaping Heathen and features an airflow configuration that maximizes flavor. The coils are installed with a drop-in style that reduces the risk of leakage. The parts are well-machined and durable, including the drip tips. The bottom feed pin is also gold-plated.

The Dead Rabbit RDA comes with a 24mm deck. It also comes with a top-sided build deck that allows you to place multiple coils without clogging the chamber. The top terminal on the Dead Rabbit RDA also has a gold-plated positive post and a bottom feeding pin. Regardless of your preference, the Dead Rabbit is an excellent choice for the builder. So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced vaper, the Dead Rattler RDA will meet all your needs.

Aside from its outstanding performance, the Dead Rabbit RDA also boasts striking aesthetics. Its streamlined design makes it easy to use, and features a distinctive logo etching. Additionally, the 5.0mL e-juice well is an excellent size for a single coil. The RDA is designed to last, and is a great option for the vaper who wants a rebuilt RDA that can take their juice to the next level.

The Dead Rabbit RDA is compatible with most popular box mods. The Dead Rabbit RDA has a protruding 510 connector that is compatible with hybrid vape devices. It also has a squonking pin, which is essential for a top-feeding RDA. Lastly, the Dead Ratt RDA is ideal for the beginner vaper. Its dual squonk block will make you vape confidently.

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