Augvape RTA – How to Hit a Vape

Augvape RTA

Augvape RTA is a rebuildable tank atomizer with dual airflow design. The dual top airflow design is perfect for those who are interested in flavour production and top airflow. In addition to leak-proof and stylish design, this RTA is compatible with a wide range of tanks. Its dual coil deck allows for the maximum flavour and vapor production. For even more flavor, you can install the INTAKE dual coil deck on your RTA.

To build the coil, you can either follow the build deck or use the build deck that comes with the Augvape Intake MTL RTA. To build a coil, you need to fill the build deck with wicking material and then insert the coil leads. After attaching the coil leads, flatten the coil legs before inserting them into the RTA’s posts. For best results, use smaller diameter coils and make sure to flatten them out before installing.

If you want to vape mouth-to-lung, then the Augvape Intake MTL RTA is the right choice for you. It features dual top airflow and bulging bubble glass, and is priced at $25 USD on AliExpress. If you are looking for a versatile and affordable tank with excellent flavour, the Augvape Intake MTL RTA is the perfect choice for you. It is a solid choice for vapers of all experience levels and needs.

The MERLIN RDTA is Augvape’s flagship RDTA. It features center-fill self-sealing technology. It also features a two-post build deck. Its high quality and popularity has helped it gain a reputation in the market. The MERLIN RTA also includes an additional glass tank section and an O-ring and screw pack. The MERLIN RTA is one of the most popular RDTAs in the market.

The Augvape boreas RTA is a top-of-the-range rebuildable tank atomizer. Its pyrex glass and stainless steel construction makes it a durable and sturdy choice. Its massive build deck allows for great flavor and vapor production. It is also compatible with a wide range of mods. Featuring two-post velocity style deck design, the Alleria RTA is built for vapor production with ease and efficiency.

The Augvape boreas RTA is a high-quality atomizer that can last for a long time. Its dual coil deck and detachable structure make it leak-proof and allow you to vape for hours on end without having to re-fill. Its detachable structure allows you to vape more with each refill. Its dual-coil deck is a great way to enjoy the perfect flavour and vapor production.

The Intake RTA is a new top-airflow rebuildable atomizer from Augvape. It is 24mm in diameter with a two-post airflow design that directs air from the top to bottom coil. It also comes with 4.2ml of juice capacity and two-posts for coil building. The Intake RTA is also easy to refill and has two airflow control rings. It is available in four colors.

The Intake RTA from Augvape is a dual-coil version of the original Intake RTA. This device features an airflow control system with a leak-proof top fill system. The Intake is ideal for maintaining flavour and vapor production without losing vapor. With its built-in airflow control, the Augvape Intake Dual RTA is a great choice for vapers looking to boost their flavour while vaping.

The ZOOM 60 kit from Augvape is a great choice for advanced vapers. Its ultra-compact design and ergonomic fire button are sure to impress even the most seasoned vapers. The atomizers range from 200-600degF and offer great throat hit. In addition to great flavor, Augvape’s sleek design makes it a perfect choice for anyone who enjoys a smooth throat hit.

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