Advken Manta RTA Review

Advken RTA

The Advken Manta RTA is a solid performer with top-notch flavor and impressive cloud cover. The pod kit with 304 stainless steel body and a unique postless rebuild deck makes this a versatile piece of vape hardware. The NI80 coil, which features a 0.3ohm resistance, provides a great deal of flavor and vapor production. In addition to its versatility, this Advken RTA comes with multi-channel airflow.

Despite being a single-coil RTA, the Advken Manta offers powerful performance for the atomizer builder. The Manta RTA comes with a Velocity-style deck and is easy to mount coils. The coils can be mounted as close to the posts as possible, but not too close to the chimney. Despite the size of the Advken RTA, it still offers outstanding airflow performance and ergonomic functionality.

Advken RTA comes with a 2ml capacity and a serpentin double bobina. It has a unique airflow control system that gives you precise control over the airflow. It also comes with an oro vaccum and a single airflow control. Users can customize the airflow to their preference. And if you want to make your vape even more flavorful, the Advken Manta RTA has a re-constructible airflow.

The Advken Manta RTA is designed to provide a regulated taste. It comes with a 2ml capacity and 24mm diameter. Its dual coil deck offers ample room for your favorite coils. Despite its small size, this Advken RTA is capable of delivering an incredible flavor with ease. Its top fill system is easy to operate and offers an excellent airflow system. This RTA is perfect for anyone looking for the perfect vape tank.

The Manta MTL RTA looks very good and is likely to become a fan favorite among MTL vapers. It has good flavor, is TPD-compliant, and can be a great option for MTL vapers. It may also replace the original Manta if you prefer a top-filling atomizer. There are plenty of other features worth noting with the Manta MTL RTA.

The Manta RTA also comes with a glass section. It has a 2.5-ml capacity, and is a dual-coil RTA that’s easy to build. The Manta is also compatible with the ULTEM drip tip. There are several options to choose from when selecting a new atomizer. In addition to its impressive performance, this RTA is also incredibly affordable. The Manta RTA is designed to be easy to build and offers great flavor.

The Advken RTA CP is a perfect choice for those who prefer air-vaping. Its small size makes it the perfect companion for those who enjoy flavor over vapor production. With its 25W power input, it can produce impressive vapor clouds. A smaller combustion chamber means it doesn’t produce huge clouds, but the airy design and broad resistance make up for it. Despite its small size, the CP RTA can produce clouds.

The Kylin vape features a sturdy stainless steel base and a top cap that can be easily removed to access the coils. It also features a connected airflow system that channels air through the build deck and chimney. The 510 pin is gold-plated, and the Delrin drip tip comes standard. Moreover, the RTA’s removable top cap makes refilling easier and reducing the risk of leakage.

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